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Product Description

Magnum Dynalab introduces another member to its line of FM ANALOG tuners, the MD 102. Following in the footsteps of the MD 108, the MD 102 with its separate RF and audio boards is able to produce realism from a live performance that even the best CDplayers cannot match. Many radio stations are improving their transmission equipment, thereby allowing you the customer to experience the full emotion of the music.

Because of the level of RF performance that the MD 102 provides, recording off of the radio will become a common experience: you can build a library of your favorite music.

A great FM tuner like the MD 102 allows you to evaluate a recording artist and hear the performance with all the transparency, imaging, and sound staging of the original recording without purchasing any software.


Magnum Dynalab specializes in the research and development of ANALOG FM tuners as well as antennas. Many people question why we are one of the only companies that builds a truly ANALOG FM tuner and ANALOG remote control. The answer is very simple. The best SOUND can only be produced when the signal received by the tuner is tuned and maintained in the ANALOG domain. By maintaining the signal in the ANALOG domain the customer has infinite tuning across the FM band; this is achieved by the use of a knob instead of the pushbutton step function tuning offered by a digital tuner. Because of our design in the manufacturing cycle, the front end and the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers are precision aligned, which guarantees that all specifications are met all the time; this is not possible in a digitally tuned tuner, as they are dependent on the tolerances of the components.

By calibrating and aligning the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers we are optimizing SOUND, SENSITIVITY and SELECTIVITY.

We ask that you listen and compare any of our tuners against the competitors' similarly priced units and decide.


ANALOG Remote Control

Certain manufacturers feel that in order to build a remote-controlled tuner the signal in the front end must be digitized, whereas we at Magnum Dynalab feel that this is where the problems start when you are trying to produce the best sound. We have designed a special ANALOG remote control which maintains the finite tuning and sound produced with our ANALOG tuners. The remote is optional and can be added to any of our tuners at any time.

Features of the Magnum Dynalab ANALOG Remote

  • On/Off switch
  • Five station presets
  • Remote fine tuning

Yes, ANALOG remote is more expensive, but we feel that you should not sacrifice the great sound received from your tuner in order to obtain the convenience of a remote control.


tunable five stage ANALOG front end (the more stages, the better); provides station separation without affecting stereo separation; Magnum Dynalab's in-house design
balanced output -- precision matched amplifiers produce a perfectly Balanced signal
BW 1 - Ultra wide IF Band Width setting; this setting produces the best SOUND where adjacent channel interference is not a factor
BW 2 - Narrow IF Band Width setting; this setting produces the best sound where adjacent channel interference is a factor
Dual AGC (automatic gain control) stage -- eliminates the need for a local and distant switch
shielded torroidal transformer -- reduces the noise floor of the tuner
ultra linear capacitors in the power supply circuit -- improve the frequency response
precision voltage stabilizers in the power supply circuit -- ensure precise tuning
oxygen free wiring in the audio path -- provides a clean, uncolored path for the signal
precision tunable matched IF (intermediate frequency) amplifiers -- ensures consistent specifications for adjacent channel separation, alternate channel separation and low distortion
dual antenna inputs -- flexibility in choosing antennas
defeatable mute -- eliminates any interstation noise while tuning
aluminum chassis -- provides total shielding
analog meters -- easy to read center tune, multipath and signal strength measurements
WBT unbalanced (RCA) output connectors -- low tolerance connector made of highly ductile "OFC" copper, 24 carat gold plated ensures a solid contact for interconnects
gold plated Neutric Balanced connectors -- exact dimensions to ensure maximum conductivity


$2,500.00 US Funds

50 Db quieting - stereo 25.0 dBf
capture ratio - > 1.5 dB
image rejection - 110.0 dB
signal to noise ratio 80.0 dB
alternate channel - wide 40.0 dB
alternate channel - narrow 70.0 dB
adjacent channel - wide 3.0 dB
adjacent channel - narrow 35.0 dB
THD - mono 0.10%
THD - stereo 0.10%
stereo separation 50.0 dB
AM suppression 70.0 dB
SCA rejection 80.0 dB
I.F. Rejection 80.0 dB
19 Khz and 38 Khz component rejection 75.0 dB
audio frequency response (+/_ 1dB) 15 Hz - 17 Khz
balanced audio output (600 ohms) 2.2 V
line audio output (RCA) 1.0 V
line power 20/220/230/240 Vac
dimensions - (inches HWD) 4.5 x 19 x.15
dimensions - (cm HWD) 11.43 x 48.3 x 38.1
weight (lbs./Kg) 16/7.1
power consumption (typ/max) 50w/100w



Magnum Dynalab, the standard for FM tuners in the70's, 80's, 90's, continues to lead into the new millennium. They pride themselves on offering products of exceptional build quality without obsolescence. Magnum Dynalab is committed to offering our customers service excellence worthy of your investment, regardless of the age of your product.

Magnum Dynalab factory warranty for tuners is 2 years parts and labor. (Vacuum tubes 1 year.) Our policy is a lifetime service commitment to our customers. A $75 flat rate fee (plus shipping) for any required service for the life of any Magnum Dynalab tuner.

Aftermarket modifications done to our tuners by unauthorized technicians will void any warranties and our lifetime service commitment. Additional service charges will apply under these circumstances