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Creek Audio is proud to announce the birth of its latest CD player - the CD50 Mk II.

With a 10mm thick, machined alloy, silver front panel and vacuum fluorescent function display, the CD50 Mk II physically matches the 5350 series Creek products. The circuitry has been designed to achieve the best performance money can buy in its class, limited only by the standards set for CD players and component ability.

Inside its steel case, lies a Philips CDM12 transport with CD7 chipset. Custom Creek software runs in a micro-controller to operate the entire mechanism and display functions. The player exhibits speed and silence of operation, and with its ability to read CDR discs, the advantages of this latest Creek CD player begin to emerge. In true Creek mould the CD50 Mk II exhibits sound quality well ahead of much higher priced players.

Advanced error correction algorithms work hard to read every bit of information, thus providing a better signal for its high resolution Digital to Analogue Converter to work with. The rugged Philips laser transport and digital control circuitry has been matched to the highest quality Crystal Semiconductors CS4396 delta-sigma D to A converter boasting 24 bit 192kHz resolution capability. Analogue filtering is performed using a professional standard Burr-Brown OPA 2134 operational amplifier that achieves a level of performance previously not seen in CD players of this price.

With a new customised ultra low jitter master clock, together with extra circuitry to reduce jitter from the Digital Signal Processor, the CD50 achieves excellent measured performance. A re-clocked low jitter, transformer coupled, co-axial digital output makes it possible to fully realise the potential of a high-end stand-alone DAC, provided the correct type of interconnect is used.

To provide a useful upgrade path, the D to A converter, high quality master clock generator, jitter reduction circuitry and regulated power supplies are sited on a separate printed circuit board that can be removed and replaced by new or emerging technologies in the future.

A single grain-oriented steel mains transformer, feeding low impedance, high temperature capacitors, and separate stabilised power supplies for digital and analogue sections, provides the highest degree of isolation and lowest noise performance possible. Front panel controls include Play, Stop, Pause, Open/Close, Skip Forward, Skip Back, Search Forward, Search Back, Shuffle, Repeat and Standby functions. They are supplemented by an attractive full feature Creek SRC1 system remote control handset utilising RC5 type codes.

The rear panel has a mains switch, together with the usual fused IEC mains inlet. A pair of gold plated Phono/RCA sockets is provided for un-balanced analogue output and (SPDIF) digital outputs are via a transformer coupled Phono/RCA socket.