PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant 10: The Best Power Conditioner

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Product Description

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The P10

The largest and most advanced high-end AC power regenerator on the planet, the P10 is pure state of the art.  Capable of powering any size system with pure sine wave power, nothing comes even close to a P10.

When the status quo isn't good enough

You have spent anywhere from a significant personal investment to a small fortune on your love of music, on your desire to have the best home theater experience possible. And - even though the best equipment has power supply regulation built in - your utility company is not helping you. You NEED good, stable, reliable AC but unfortunately the power coming into your home is distorted, dirty, unregulated and deteriorating the performance of your system. Now you do not have to worry about that anymore.

The new PS Audio Power Plant AC regenerator takes the power you are given from the utility, converts it to DC and then regenerates brand new and perfect power once again. For more than 13 years the Power Plants have been producing perfect AC all over the world, helping audio- and video-philes and people who simply want better results from their investment achieve the best their equipment can provide.

Why do you need a Power Plant?

Everything we hear in an audio system is, in one form or another, modulated AC power. Everything we see in a video system is also built on AC power. We can put one band-aid after another on what the utility company sells us, but ultimately our love of listening to recorded music in the best form possible is limited by the quality of that one source. It is the foundation on which an audio/video system is built.

And what we have learned as an industry over the 50+ years that high-end audio has been evolving is: that power we buy is none-too-reliable, and unfortunately far more often than not, very poor quality. The PS Audio Power Plant is an affordable reboot of that limitation -  using the supplied power only to run, it provides a stable and near-perfect AC sine wave, freeing up your components to do their best work. It has been called the single most important piece of equipment in an A/V system. With a PS Audio Power Plant as the essential building block, your system will always be able to perform at its best.

Foundations of power

The Power Plant technology was the foundation of PS Audio's first product - 13 years ago - in the form of the P300 Power Plant. It began their return as a company and their exploration of the value of a new approach to dealing with an old problem. The PerfectWave 10 Power Plant takes your incoming AC power and converts it to DC, and then with patented PS Audio technology, regenerates and amplifies new sine-wave-perfect, high current AC power. New high current, ultra low distortion AC power created by Power Plant technology delivers stunning performance from your audio and video components.

By now of course, many reviewers as well as many thousands of customers around the world have experienced for themselves just how critical a Power Plant is; the term accessory does not begin to describe its value. One of our customers, a long-time reviewer for one of the established audio journals, remarked about the Power Plant Premier that "It is the first component anyone serious about high-quality audio should get."

Built in Boulder

In the era of the P300, PS Audio was a direct-sales company; that is, they sold direct to customers. As demand for their designs grew they expanded in size and took on a global dealer network to meet the demand. A variety of pressures in that transition necessitated PS building some of their products overseas - in China, to be specific. This has worked very well in a number of ways, most importantly in being able to meet surging demand while keeping prices stable. But inevitably PS Audio gave something up, and now they are getting it back: incorporating innovations that are the result of continued research and the experience that comes from having more than 5000 Power Plant Premiers in use around the planet, with the Perfect Wave series of products they are happily able to return their labor expenditure to US shores. Both the P10 and P10 are all hand-assembled and tested in the PS Audio plant in Colorado. With this change comes tighter control and a boost to their local economy over this past year, just in time.

The PerfectWave Power Plant; a major step forward

Besides being domestically built by hand, what else is new in the P10?  The P10 is the largest, most powerful and most remarkable Power Plant ever built.  It will handle even wider voltage fluctuations than any Power Plant yet, up to 280 volts for their overseas models and up to 170 volts for their domestic pieces, enough to deal with even the most unstable supply your utility throws at you. You can throw virtually anything at the Perfect Wave series Power Plants and still expect your A/V system to perform its best. Your light bulbs might be exploding, but Fritz Reiner won't notice.

Compared to our previous state-of-the-art, the Power Plant Premier, the P10 boasts twice the magnetics, twice the energy storage and four times the number of output devices, which provides a stunning reduction in output impedance.  In fact, the output impedance of the P10 is now 100 times lower than any Power Plant ever built.

Quality You Didn't Know You Owned. (And Control You Didn't Know You Could Use.)

Output impedance of a power source is the key indicator of how well connected equipment perform and may be the single most important factor in the way that equipment sounds.  The lower the output impedance of the Power Plant, the better the depth, separation of instruments and spatial qualities of the musical soundstage are.  It is this critical aspect of the power output that makes all the difference in the world.  It is why even the highest-end power conditioners cannot compete with a Power Plant; they raise output impedance as opposed to lowering it.  With the PerfectWave Power Plant's 100 times reduction in output impedance a new level of performance is ushered in; the likes of which have never been heard before. The user interface is significantly expanded as well. In keeping with the rest of the Perfect Wave series products we provide a touch screen which gives you control of all functions as well as critical evaluation of your incoming and outgoing voltage supply with greater depth and accuracy than before, using a front panel oscilloscope to really see how your AC is behaving.

The P10 helps keep your system running and everything green

PS Audio's new network technology on board provides unprecedented control and monitoring of all your connected devices. Automatically reboot routers, modems, and network devices when Internet dropouts occur. Schedule devices to power on and off automatically optimizing power consumption in your system. Receive emails automatically when power occurrences occur, as the PerfectWave Premier P10 is automatically reacting on its own; all made possible by PS connected technology and PS Audio's unique Globalnet servers.

Once your system is powered by a P10 Power Plant all you or you need to do is go to the web through any web enabled device, including a Blackberry or iPhone, and access the P10's control panel if you wish. From the P10's control panel any connected equipment can be rebooted, turned on or off, or have its status checked. It's that simple.

Monitor your system's heartbeat

The P10 will monitor your power line quality and report any problems to you through the web page, text alerts or emails sent anywhere you wish.  It's up to you. The P10's real-time and on-line measurement system includes surges, voltage levels, power usage and power quality as measured by THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) on the line.

The data is stored on PS Audio's servers and available via the web interface for the P10.  Customers and their designated dealers can look at power quality over time, or drill down to specific times of day to find out if there's a problem involving the home's power.  PS Audio's research over the years has shown that sagging voltages, high distortion and multiple brownouts are occurring more than one might think.  With the installation of a P10 in the system, you can accurately record events and present them to the utility company for repair or just keep a log.

Go Green!

With a P10 system installed, not only can you check system and power line status from anywhere in the world, get emails sent to you from the device (if you want) and be assured you're always connected to the internet, but you will also be able to go a lot greener than ever before.

The P10 will allow you to schedule system 'vacations' or down time so you're not burning power when you don't need to. This can be in the middle of the night, or when you're on vacation and when you're ready, the P10 turns everything back on for you zone-by-zone. Perhaps there are a few critical components you want to remain on, but others are OK to shut down and save power.  No problem.

To access this feature there is a simple graphical calendar.  Simply click on the dates you want the system to turn off and the dates you want it to come back on and everything will be ready for you upon your return.  You can schedule your equipment (some or all) to be warmed up and ready to.  And if your equipment needs an IR command to actually get it out of standby, that's no problem either. The P10 can easily send IR commands on schedule as well.

Input naming and customization

With 5 zones available (on US units) on the P10 it is important to know which piece of equipment is being powered by which zone so you can access from either the front panel or the web interface.  On a P10 it's easy.  You can name each zone anything you wish via the P10's easy to use graphical interface available online or through the front panel touch screen.
Email alerts

Some power quality problems can be serious, such as repeated brown or blackouts, high levels of surges or equipment downtime. Many customers will want to know right away if their home has a problem so they can take immediate action. The P10 is setup to generate email and text alerts to any designated recipient.

IR and trigger controls

In the back of the P10 there are two mini jacks that can be assigned as either an IR input or output or a DC trigger transmitter or receiver.  For the IR capabilities, the P10 can be assigned up to 15 separate IR commands for any zone and these IR broadcasts can be triggered by any number of assignable events.  This helps P10 maintain complete control over not only the AC power to your system, but by directly controlling that same equipment through a remote control.

If you have equipment that needs a DC trigger to turn it on or off remotely, you can assign one of the mini jacks to be either the sending or receiving unit for these commands and remotely turn on/off equipment or have that equipment remotely turn on/off the P10.