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There are several things that make the VPLHS51 stand out. Actually, one great feature doesn't stand out at all, and that's a good thing. The VPLHS51's fan noise of 28dB is the lowest level in the Sony projector lineup. It is barely noticeable, which is critical for home applications. Cinema Black Pro allows for Lamp (low, high) and Iris (on,off) control for better contrast and brightness. This menu driven feature turns the Iris shutter Off (open) for high brightness and standard contrast or On (closed) for low brightness and higher contrast. The contrast ratio is 1300:1. A 12-Bit Panel Drive with New I/P Converter achieves four times more color gradation compared to the previous 10-bit panel drive (VPL-HS20). The new interlace-to-progressive converter processes both interlaced and progressive HD for a more detailed and smooth image. An HDMI-HDTV Interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface) has been added for the latest generation in high definition television connectivity. A single wire delivers a full digital uncompressed HD signal that can be received from any HDMI compatible set top boxes.
To get the purest, most accurate reproduction of video from film sources, CineMotion Reverse 3:2 Pulldown is practically miraculous. Converting a film to video gets a little complicated due to the fact that video is shot at 24 frames per second (FPS) while the standard for film is 30 FPS. Obviously there's a bit of a discrepancy there. A process called 3:2 Pulldown is used to convert 30 FPS film to 24 FPS video, and it works fairly well except that there are some side effects. CineMotion overcomes the limitations of 3:2 Pulldown by essentially reversing the process, thereby eliminating visually distorted picture information and removing motion artifacts. This phenomenal technology optimizes film-based content from any video input. So you can rest assured that this LCD front projector will make your favorite movies look as good on your new home screen as they did on the big screen.

Side Shot 2 Digital Keystoning
One potential pitfall of using a front projector is a distorted picture if the projector is not sitting directly in front of the screen. With the VPLHS51 CINEZA LCD projector, you don't have to worry. Thanks to Side Shot 2 Digital Keystoning, you can adjust to correct horizontal trapezoidal distortion by simply pressing a button on your remote control. That means you don't have to arrange your room to accommodate your new front projector. It will adjust to accommodate you. You can set the projector off to the side of your couch, use Side Shot to adjust the picture, and it looks like the projector was centered directly in front of the screen. It just doesn't get more convenient than that.

It's All About Connections
Projectors have come a long way since the huge, heavy beasts you might remember your grade school teachers wrestling with. This lightweight entertainment wonder provides hookups for a variety of equipment. With S-Video and composite video connections, you have the two most popular video connections readily available. In addition, the PJ MULTI connector, gives you additional options like adding a second video source component (e.g. you could connect your DVD player and VCR directly to your projector) to plugging in less traditional sources like your laptop. With your Cineza projector, you can get terrific projected images from a wide variety of sources, including your computer, which comes in handy for presentations or showing off the digital photos from your latest vacation (note: the supplied interface cable provides S-Video and L/R audio connections to the PJ MULTI connection. If you wish to connect a video device that does not have an S-Video output, you will need to purchase optional cables, sold separately). The Cineza LCD front projector accepts 480i, 480p, 1080i and 720p input video signals, bringing you up to date with the most advanced signals available today. Advanced abilities, easy setup and use, and a compact, lightweight chassis make for a true multimedia projector that is ideal for a wide variety of applications including home theaters, board rooms and lecture halls.

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Key Features:

  • Cinema Black Pro (with Advanced Iris Function and Lamp Control)
  • High Contrast Ratio of up to 6000:1 (Advanced Iris Auto Mode ON) Lens Shift Function
  • All Range Crisp Focus Lens (ARC-F Lens)
  • Real Color Processing Function
  • 1.6X Zoom Lens
  • Three WXGA LCD Panels, .73" p-Si TFT Panels
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720 (x 3) or 2,764,800 Total Pixels
  • Lens: 1.6 Times Manual Zoom / Focus Lens (F2.4-3.1 / f21.3-34.1mm)
  • Standard Lens Throwing Distance: 40" - 1.2m-1.8m; 60" - 1.8m-2.7m; 80" - 2.4m-3.7m; 100" - 2.9m-4.6m; 120" - 3.5m-5.5m; 150" 4.4m-6.9m; 180" - 5.3m-8.3m; 200" - 5.8m-9.2m
  • HD/IP Converter
  • Ceiling or Table Mount Capable
  • Improved Lamp Life Up to 3000 Hours
  • HDMI Digital Interface
  • 12 Bit Panel Driver LSI
  • LCD Panel with MicroLens Array (MLS) and Wide View (WV) Film
  • Gamma Control Software (ImageDirector 2)
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Input Channel Switching Convenience