Product Description

AudioQuest's DragonFlys are USB sticks that instantly and effortlessly upgrade the typically neglected sound of your computer or phone.

The DragonFlys bring greater clarity and transparency to music, widening the soundstage and sharpening every detail. The comparison to a generic audio chip is akin to cleaning the lens on a camera: everything is just that little bit better and crisper.

AudioQuest's current pair of DragonFly models is the third generation of the critically acclaimed DragonFly series, with its big change being higher efficiency allowing for smartphone compatibility. You'll need an adapter to make it happen, but both the black and red DragonFly modules can take the audio from your iOS (5 and above) or Android (4.1 and above) device and turn it into sweetly detailed music.

Red Advantages over the Black A more advanced DAC and headphone amp, a “bit-perfect digital volume control contained on the DAC chip itself” that’s a big improvement on the analogue volume control in the Black.

A higher voltage output (2.1v compared to the Black’s 1.2v) makes it more suitable for driving demanding headphones, too.

The DragonFly Black has a lower 1.2V output and is thus suitable for most, but not all headphones. The Dragonfly Red has a better DAC chip inside it and reaches 2.1V to be able to drive even true audiophile headphones like the 300-Ohm Sennheiser HD800.