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The Forest USB is the most cost-effective member of AudioQuest’s new Indulgence Series of high-performance USB cables.

Solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors Low jitter, low distortion audio Signal conductors controlled for digital audio direction

Though this is the most affordable cable in the Indulgence Series, it is still made to AudioQuest’s exacting standards. You will hear the difference between this cable and one of the “free” ones that come with some gear… USB benefits from superior materials and construction — just like any other cable! One of the most significant developments in digital music reproduction over the past few years has been the growing use of computers as music servers. While you can use the internal DAC (digital-to-analog con¬verter) in your computer, you’ll enjoy substantially better performance when using an external DAC. The connection from computer to DAC is usually made via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable.

USB cables benefit from the use of superior metal, cable geometry and insulation in the same manner as other high speed digital cables (like HDMI, Coax and AES/ EBU balanced). In addition, the advantage of using solid core conductors is clearly heard on all of these cables, including USB.

The USB standard was originally created as a communication link between various peripheral devices (external hard drives and personal media players) and a controller such as a personal computer. A USB cable includes a pair of signal conductors and a pair of conductors for powering peripheral devices.

Because USB 2.0 transfers signals at speeds up to 480 MB per second, the advantage of using superior cable construction and materials is extremely critical in order to prevent the uncorrectable corruption of audio data. Eliminating interference from power conductors is also essential.

AudioQuest USB cables provide a substantial audible improvement over “standard” USB cables. Don’t shortchange the performance of the growing number of excellent USB DACs by using the free-in-the-box USB cable that comes with it — step up to an AudioQuest USB.