AudioQuest YIQ2 - 7M

AudioQuest YIQ2 - 7M
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AudioQuest YIQ2 - 7M

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Component video is the somewhat confusing name for a three wire system which carries the "Y", "I" and "Q" signals. Slightly confusing because the components of a color signal are RGB (see next paragraph). "Y" is that same B & W signal as in Y/C cable. "I" and "Q" are the components (get it?) of a "C" signal. In order to derive three colors from a B & W signal, there need to be two color difference signals, I = blue minus Y (add Y and get blue), Q = red minus Y (add Y and get red), and once you have blue and red and Y you can derive green. These three signals need exactly the same care and respect as a composite video signal. Since standard YIQ connections are either RCA or BNC, you can simply use three identical composite video cables, or for convenience use a YIQ cable which has the three joined together. Don't get fooled by some hype about specially designed for component video, either it's a proper video cable or it isn't. When a piece of equipment sources from a YIQ signal, such as DSS and DVD, using a YIQ cable setup will provide superior performance over composite or "S".

AudioQuest YIQ-2 uses the same extremely effective design as AudioQuest YIQ-1. The clearer, sharper picture is due to the silver plated shield, which provides superior shielding and lower distortion. All three AudioQuest Y cables have four times as large a conductor as an average Y cable. Lengths should still be kept to a minimum, but CQ-Y cables can be run in much longer lengths than other Y cables.