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Creek T43

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FM radio has always provided a rich source of live and recorded music. The number of stations are constantly increasing which demands a high performance tuner to separate and convert radio signals into audio.

The Creek T43 employs the very latest circuitry, designed to operate in today's crowded airwaves. It can discriminate the weakest distant signal from next to a strong local one and still maintain low noise and the highest fidelity available from the radio station.

The design objective for the T43 was to develop a tuner that, regardless of price, could be used as a benchmark for both radio and audio performance. That has been achieved by choosing technology that is more commonly found in professional communication receivers. The mixture of high tech and simplicity has reduced the component count to a level previously thought impossible.

To simplify its functionality, Creek engineers have reduced the number of local functions to a minimum, while maintaining all the sophistication required to operate every aspect of the tuner’s capabilities. Front panel controlled functions include: Rotary Tuning Mode, Rotary Pre-set Mode, Band Switching - AM/FM, Auto Scan tuning, Mono/Stereo and Mute threshold switching. These plus some useful other features are also available via remote control. Direct pre-set number entry allows the immediate tuning of a pre-set stored station.
Whilst the majority of synthesized tuners today use buttons to tune-in stations and select pre-set station memory, the T43 uses a rotary tuning knob connected to a digital encoder to provide tuning and pre-set station selection in a way that makes this digital tuner of the 90's feel like a good old analogue tuner of the 80's.
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To achieve state of the art sensitivity and selectivity, the T43 uses a dual conversion method of retrieving radio signals, which combined with a single stage broadly tuned front-end, allows the T43 to pick out weak stations from the airwaves when they are closely situated in frequency to a strong local station. Local AFC also allows the digital bus to be switched-off when not in use, maintaining even lower levels of digital interference to the radio signal. Surface mount technology and the use of double sided plated through hole printed circuit boards provide a high level of interference suppression and help to achieve professional levels of performance.

To create the simplicity of operation and custom features like remote control, rotary tuning and pre-sets, Creek wrote custom software to drive all the controls via a two wire digital bus.

All the active devices in the T43 are controlled by this digital bus, which allows the design of the tuner to be updated by changing the codes in the microcontroller. Future upgrades, or changes of country settings are made easy as these custom features and station pre-sets are held in a non-volatile memory, similar to that of a PC computer. Since its release in the middle of 1997, the T43 has won praise, from all that have used it, for its novel features and breathtaking sound quality. ‘What Hi-Fi’ were even persuaded to describe its addictive quality as a reason to re-think the idea of radio as a purely background music medium.

The open and dynamic sound capabilities of the T43 are only restricted by the quality of the aerial antenna used and the source quality from the radio station.

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