Creek OBH-21

Creek OBH-21
Item# CREOBH21

Product Description

Following on the success of the OBH-11, the new Creek OBH-21 & OBH-21SE incorporate more advanced circuitry utilising professional standard operational amplifiers. The discrete transistor technology used in the OBH-11 has been replaced by high-grade integrated circuits providing a capability to drive different types and impedances of headphones without problem.

There are two 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo headphone jacks on the front panel of both models. The output level is regulated by the volume control on the front panel. When using the OBH-21 one source can be amplified as the headphone amplifier has only one stereo input. It has stereo phono sockets (RCA jacks) on the rear panel for input from any line level source, together with a DC power jack. In common with all electrical appliances, the OBH-21 requires a power source. A custom power supply is provided, which must be connected to the unit via the DC inlet (2.1mm positive centre pin power jack) on the rear panel. The power supply may vary depending on country of use. Internally advanced circuitry is used to split the power supply from a single positive to a split positive/negative supply, which allows circuits to be DC coupled and to eliminate capacitors on the SE version. The SE version uses higher-grade components throughout. It also features two pairs of stereo Phono sockets (RCA jacks) on the rear panel for input from any line level source and chain linking to another product in a tape loop circuit. The DC power jack for connection to a custom OBH high-grade power supply adaptor is also located on the rear panel.

The OBH-21 can also be used in conjunction with other Creek OBH series products, such as Phono pre-amplifiers or the passive pre-amplifier. Furthermore, it also functions with a stand-alone pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier without headphone output, connected in the tape loop. The cosmetic difference between the OBH-21 and its predecessor the OBH-11 is striking. Featuring a 50% longer case, the new models have a solid 5mm brushed silver anodised aluminium front panel with black printing.

The OBH-21 miniature audio amplifier is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite music in privacy.