Harmonic Tech Precision Link 1M RCA

Harmonic Tech Precision Link 1M RCA
Item# htepl1m

Product Description

A very cost-effective cable for those who want the best performance but are looking for the best value as well. Using 6N high purity copper (99.9997%) with Single Crystal TM (OCC) design, this great cable includes PE, the finest insulation available at this price point. Precision-Link will allow you to hear what's really on your recordings since its clarity and tonal balance are exceptional. Available with either RCA or XLR balanced plugs, Precision-Link will outperform the best interconnects made by any other company due to it's superior design and quality materials!

Technical Data: XLR/Balanced Terminations

Capacitance per foot = 35 pF Inductance per foot = 0.49 uH Resistance per foot = 0.013 Ohm

Technical Data: RCA/Single Ended Terminations

Capacitance per foot = 59 pF Inductance per foot = 0.49 uH Resistance per foot = 0.013 Ohm

Listening Impression:

The Precision-Links, like our other interconnects, sound like a direct transfer of signal between your components when compared to competing brands of cables at 5X its modest price. Gone are the colorations and imperfections of lesser cables! Although not as rich and detailed as the Pro-Silway Mk II, nor quite as dynamic as the Truth-Link, Precision-Link is one of the most accurate cables you can buy and is truly superior to the competition at any price! Bass response is fantastic, with a bottom end that will be your friends envy, along with a very transparent midrange and smooth treble range. Highly recommended for any system if cost is important.