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Product Description

Harmonic Technology's Pro-9 Reference (available as a mono speaker wire, internal bi-wire or external bi-wire) is an improvement of their award-winning Pro-9 Plus speaker cable. In a variety of lengths and terminations, the Pro-9 Reference will accommodate any of your speaker cable needs.

Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Reference

The Pro-9 Reference is Harmonic Technology's finest copper speaker cable. It uses the highest quality materials and our unique Balanced Field Geometry to ensure the best signal transfer and greatly reduces inductance and capacitance for extremely accurate sound. Manufactured with 9 AWG wire that consists of the highest purity 6N copper available (99.9997%) and their world-renowned Single Crystal design, this speaker cable virtually eliminates all distortion and coloration. In addition, the Pro-9 Reference uses air-tube technology to separate the conductors within the cable to dispense with any potential cross-talk. Harmonic Technology's Pro-9 III Reference is the best speaker cable available for large speakers and/or exceptionally powerful amplifiers.

The Pro-9 III Reference allows the bass to be very tight, yet extremely dynamic. The midrange is exceptionally rich, with tremendous detail and harmonic completeness that borders on realism. The highs are very smooth and detailed, without the artificial "zing" that you may have experienced with other speaker cables. Harmonic Technology has delivered a speaker cable that allows the soundstage to bloom as large as your room—a holographic depth and roundness you simply must experience. The Pro-9 Reference will easily outperform your existing speaker cables and transform the very sound of your system.

Internal or External Bi-Wire
There are two distinct types of the Pro-9 Reference bi-wire speaker cable—an internal and an external version—in order to accommodate your varying needs and configurations. The Pro-9 Internal Bi-Wire is similar to their previous Pro-9 Plus speaker cable, but it contains a separate Woofer set and Tweeter set within one jacket. The sample shown in the image below represents a configuration where two spades are provided at the amp end and four spades are provided at the speaker end. The Pro-9 Reference Internal Bi-Wire is ideal for customers who prefer only one single jacket for each side of the speaker.

The Pro-9 Reference External Bi-Wire provides a unique design, where Harmonic Technology has merged two separate sets—the Woofer set in the inner circle and the Tweeter set in the outer circle—at the amp end. This type of configuration is ideal for situations where your speaker has a larger than average distance between the Woofer binding post and the Tweeter binding post. The example below indicates a configuration where two spades are provided at the amp end as well as a spade on the Woofer binding post and a locking banana on the Tweeter binding post.

Technical Data

Capacitance per foot 47 pF
Inductance per foot 0.42 uH

Resistance per foot

0.002 Ohm