Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway MkII 1M RCA

Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway MkII 1M RCA

Product Description

Top quality, professional interconnect available in balanced configuration as well as single ended. The conduction wire is a bi-metal hybrid, consisting of four filaments to optimize both bass and treble frequencies. Half of the filaments are designed for the midrange/treble signal and consist of two isolated strands of pure silver, cast to a purity level of 7N (99.99997%) and of course, is made with Single Crystal TM (OCC) technology. The remaining two filaments consist of Single Crystal copper and optimize the bass range, adding a fuller tone quality. The braided outer shield is pure silver plated on copper and was designed to isolate the delicate signal from RFI noise fields. A second defense noise barrier is provided in the form of an aluminum-coated Mylar shield situated closer to the conductors to ensure a very high signal-to-noise ratio. This Twin-Shield design will give you the ultimate in clarity and 3-D imaging with a velvety-black background silence due to elimination of electromagnetic interference, whether generated by RFI (radio frequency interference), digital noise, or A.C. generated hum. All insulation consists of either Teflon tape or air-foamed PE (polyethylene using the air bubbles as the main dielectric). Although very expensive to produce, air-foamed PE has the best dialectric constant of any generally available material and hence better clarity. Available with our exclusive NASA-grade plugs in either RCA or XLR, the Balanced Field Geometry allows this exceptional cable to be as neutral as the signal itself. Unquestionably the best interconnect available in the world today and soon to be a world-wide reference due to its heroic cost-no-object engineering and materials. This is the interconnect chosen by many magazine reviewers and manufacturers.

Technical Data: XLR/Balanced Terminations

Capacitance per foot = 19 pF Inductance per foot = 0.43 uH Resistance per foot = 0.011 Ohm

Technical Data: RCA/Single Ended Terminations

Capacitance per foot = 32 pF Inductance per foot = 0.43 uH Resistance per foot = 0.011 Ohm

Listening Impression:

Extreme detail retrieval, but without treble emphasis or glare associated with other silver cables. High frequencies are reproduced with a smooth, natural tone, neither bright nor soft. Especially in the highs, the Pro-Silway MKII exhibits more "air and space" than any other design we've tested. The low-level detail including spatial retrieval is incredible, allowing you to hear more deeply into the soundstage than ever before. Also, you'll hear the largest sound stage with more depth of field than any other cable, period. Bass response is extremely fast and tight, with incredible power and "slam." The ultimate in midrange clarity, with a harmonic richness that's so thick you can swim in it. Vocals are palpable, with the singers appearing to be standing right in front of you. This interconnect will actually transform the sound of your system into a holographic generator! Recommended for the finest systems but can also be used in modest systems to increase clarity.