Jolida JD102CRC
Perfect for the audiophile on a budget, this entry-level model packs a lot of performance for the money. Ideal for the audiophile with an efficient speaker (>89dB) or a smaller room. Let the magic of Jolida be yours for a song.
Regular price: $875.00
Sale price: $745.00
Jolida JD202BRC
Ideal for medium efficient speakers (around 89-91dB). Rated Output Power: 40 W per channel at 8 ohms, 30Hz to 75KHz
Regular price: $1,149.00
Sale price: $949.00
The JD3502S improves on their famously popular JD302 by being able to play either EL34 or 6550 tubes and is quieter and more detailed.
Regular price: $1,675.00
Sale price: $1,525.00
The new Jolida JD801BRC will power your most demanding speakers with control and delicacy.
Regular price: $1,999.00
Sale price: $1,799.00