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Product Description

If vinyl is a source of enjoyment, then the JD9 Mk II is a versatile tube unit that is sure to enhance your sound With all-tube circuitry, audiophile-grade electronics, incredible versatility, and an attractive, minimalist aesthetic, it's hard to expect more from the Jolida JD9 Mk II. It meets the demands of nearly any cartridge with the flip of a few dip switches, and offers much more than just compatibility. True to its tube pedigree, the JD9 Mk II handles high-frequencies delicately, rolling off just enough brittleness without sacrificing vital details or its impressive soundstage. For only $775, the sound and imaging capabilities of this phono stage will shine, even when accompanied by much more expensive components.

There are four upgrade options available for the JD9 Mk II.

UPGRADE I: Resistor, capacitor and tube upgrade. The addition of a resistor array to the input and driver tubes. Clarity Cap ESA output capacitors, gold pin 12AX7 Tungsol tubes. Retail, $250.

Upgrade II: Cardas RCA Input Jacks: results in slight sonic improvement; Cardas XLR jacks reduces noise from RF interference (be sure you have balanced XLR premplifier inputs. Retail, $300.

UPGRADE III: Addition of ByBee Rail. Retail $450.

The Bybee Rail is a genuine breakthrough with an entirely new product category: active electronic filtering to radically reduce power supply noise. The modules' very low noise floors and impedance yield highly purified DC power, measuring up to 45 dB quieter than the same power supply without Music Rails. Sonically, this uniquely original noise reduction technology produces much blacker backgrounds, faster and more impactful transients, deeper and tighter bass, far greater detail retrieval, enhanced spatial resolution, sharper and more color-intensive video images, and superior definition across the full frequency spectrum. THIW IS A HUGE UPGRADE.

UPGRADE IV: Using extremely high-purity cast wire. All internal signal wire is installed using ultra-high performance single crystal OCC copper. If you have ever experienced how a really good cable can improve your system's performance, then you will understand this upgrade. Retail; $500

We think each of these upgrades builds on the excellent sound of the standard units in terms of greater clarity, larger holographic images and spatial separation.

Each of these upgrades are factory-installed by Jolida here in the U.S.

CHANGES FROM JD9 to JD9 MK II: Upgraded power supply, new low-noise op-amps on input, nicer double-ring backlit power button.