Product Description

Legacy's chief designer and president, Bill Dudleston says The sense of pitch audibly truer than any sub I've designed to date.”

Legacy claims a 16 Hz to 120 Hz response within a +/- 2 dB window for the Foundation, making it a very capable subwoofer for the most demanding movie soundtracks. One unusual feature on the Foundation is the ‘Blend EQ’ control, which can boost or lower the band centered around 45 Hz by 12 dB. This is like an EQ at a fixed frequency and Legacy chose this frequency to “match the first cancellation node of most rooms”, in their words. Development of the Foundation went through sealed designs, multiple flared ports, a combination of flared ports and slot-loaded ports, but ultimately Legacy settled on the passive radiators to achieve powerful deep bass without the penalties of port noise from vented designs. Legacy Audio’s president and loudspeaker engineer Bill Dudleston says of the Foundation subwoofer: “The sense of pitch audibly truer than any sub I've designed to date.”

One of the biggest selling points of the Foundation is the amount of power available in such a small footprint: 1.5 square feet. This makes it a great choice for situations where a lot of bass power is needed in rooms where floor space is at a premium. Its availability in an array of select veneers allows the Foundation to fit in virtually any decor. Of course, a powerful subwoofer in a relatively compact package in a high-end finish comes at a considerable price: introductory MSRP at $3,850 in standard finishes. The Foundation is not inexpensive but among the subwoofers that ticks the checkboxes of powerful, luxury-finish, and small-footprint, it looks to be very reasonably priced.

"Bill Dudleston has once-again shown that he is one of the most talented speaker engineers of his generation in producing the new Legacy Foundation subwoofer.

This is the subwoofer to beat. Two active 12" aluminum-spun long-throw woofers coupled with two 12" passive radiators to move even more air to pressurize a room for maximum impact with ultra-low distortion bass and a powerful 1,000-watt amplifier optimized to deliver the full potential of these four speaker elements. The result is the cleanest, most powerful, musically tuneful bass we have heard. Equally at home in the most demanding audiophile system or a home theater enthusiast's dream system, the Legacy Foundation is truly most impressive." Ken Ito, President, Reference Audio Video.