Legacy Silver Screen HD Center Channel Speaker

Legacy Silver Screen HD Center Channel Speaker

Product Description

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The Silver Screen HD is Legacy's most popular center channel speaker. Its stunning dynamics and clarity make it the perfect match for FOCUS, Signature HD and Classic based systems.

To develop the Silver Screen HD, Legacy started with the most accurate midrange drivers in the world. They precisely positioned them on the front baffle to coincide with the acoustic centers of our proven treble drivers, the 1.25 textile dome and 4 ribbon.

A special cabinet was designed to provide the structural strength worthy of these great driver elements. The low-distortion vented design utilizes rear ports, high definition internal wiring and bi-amp capability.

The Benefits of Adding a Center Channel
High school geometry taught us that a location in free space can be specified by the coordinates of a single point and that two such points can describe a line. Adding a third point allows us to define an entire plane, while adding fourth and fifth points opens the possibilities to multiple planes.

Likewise, the localization advantages of discrete 5.1 multi-channel audio become obvious. Adding a center channel speaker to a system will result in improved clarity, stable dialogue and a natural sense of depth. Central images retain their position even with extreme listener positions..