20 years ago, Nordost transformed our expectations of audio cable performance with the introduction of the original Flatline loudspeaker cable. Now, we stand on the brink of the next great leap forward. An overstatement? We don’t think so – and with good reason.

By combining proven, proprietary technology and superior materials, with the hard won knowledge that enabled Nordost to create the game-changing Valhalla and Odin cables, they have been able to produce the new Leif (say “Life”) Series, an entry-level cable line that represents the start of a new chapter in both the way we use audio cables and the results we achieve with them. That’s right; it’s not just what you use, but how you use it that matters, and Leif Series has all the bases covered. Take a better cable and apply it more effectively and the results are greater than the sum of the parts… Much greater!

What makes the Leif Series cables superior? It’s a combination of consistency and execution. Every cable in the range uses the same, silver-plated 99.9999% OFC solid-core signal conductors, specifically dimensioned for purpose. Every cable employs the same Flourinated Ethylene Propylene. Then they take these already excellent ingredients and create elegant, minimalist designs that make the most of their qualities. The interconnects are wound in ultra-precise, shielded configurations, devoid of unnecessary padding or fillers, elements that can make a cable look more physically impressive but rob it of dynamic range, detail and vitality. The speaker cables uses their unique, extruded ribbon construction, a technology that delivers superb geometrical accuracy along with the Holy Grail of cable design, low resistance, impedance and capacitance. Careful attention to the mechanical characteristics and the use of selected, low-mass terminations result in a range of cables whose musical coherence and integrity can only be bettered by Nordost's own, Micro Mono-Filament designs.

And talking of Micro Mono-Filament, you’ll find it employed in the Leif Series to bolster the performance in the critical power and digital applications, ensuring that your musical signal gets the very best start in life. Combine that with the fact that we’ve brought those dedicated cables inside the Leif family – not just figuratively but literally, in terms of the materials and technology applied to their design – and you have a completely coherent, high-speed, low-loss cable chain, from wall socket to speaker terminals, that rewrites the rule book when it comes to the performance of cost-effective two-channel and AV systems.

Nordost – Bringing music and movies to life!

Sitting at the top of the Leif Series, Red Dawn LS bears comparison with competing cables irrespective of price.
The new Nordost Blue Heaven LS speaker cables delivers transparency and outperforms last year's Red Dawn!
Compared to the White Lightning Anniversary, the Purple Flare's increased number and gauge of conductors allow it to deliver greater weight and dynamic range, for even greater musical involvement, drama and impact.
The Nordost White Lighting sets a completely new performance benchmark at this price point, delivering greater power and musical purpose from your system than you will have thought possible.