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The PFPower M1500-UPS-PFP provides a comprehensive battery backup solution for A/V components (such as DVRs and DLP projectors), DAW workstations, and other electronics which must maintain critical memory and be shut down properly in the event of a power outage. Ideal for use in environments ranging from recording studios to your own home theater system, the PFPower M1500-UPS-PFP allows your equipment and data to avoid the potential hazards caused by a power outage.

True Sine Wave Output
With true sine wave AC output, the voltage wave form from battery power matches that from true AC power. This minimizes harmonic distortion, electrical noise and interference.

Critical Load Function
One of the user programmable settings in the included Power Control software is the Low Battery NCL Shutoff threshold. This sets the battery capacity level at the point where the non-critical load outlets are turned off and all remaining battery power is reserved for equipment plugged into the 2 critical load outlets. This value is stored internally by the UPS and is not dependent on having the software running on a computer.

Learning IR Control
The learning IR function lets you program the UPS to send standby or shut-down commands to components that require an internal shut down procedure. With a DLP projector, for example, the projector’s lamps are turned off while the UPS continues providing battery power to the projector’s cooling fan. Proper shutdown is ensured and expensive lamps are protected from damage.

IR Power Failure Operation
The UPS can learn two IR commands. The learned commands will be transmitted on both output jacks so you have the ability to control 2 different pieces of equipment or use a 2-step macro for one component.

The IR Output Delay switches provide the ability to "ride through" brief power outages without sending a shut-down signal to the connected device. You have a choice of a 30 second or 5 minute delay.


  • Battery backup with 1500VA capacity.
  • True sine wave output.
  • Voltage regulation: 88-147 VAC in, 120 VAC ±5% out
  • Critical Load Management: 2 of the 6 outlets reserve power for equipment that needs to stay online the longest, such as Digital Video Recorders, external hard drives, and components with volatile memory settings.
  • RS232 interface provides programming control and interface for automation systems and personal computers.
  • Superb noise filtration and over/under voltage circuitry protects and maximizes performance of connected equipment.
  • IR control sends "Off" command to components that require a shut down procedure (component must be capable of receiving IR commands).
  • 3 Year Product Warranty.
Capacity 1500VA / 1000W
Input Voltage 88Vac - 147Vac, 47 - 63 Hz
Output Voltage: 120VAC ±5%
Spike Protection Modes: Line to neutral, line to ground, neutral to ground
Spike Clamping Voltage: Initial turn-on at 200 volts; TVSS rating of 400 volts peak at 500 amps, L-N, N-G, L-G (tested to UL-1449)
Response time: 1 nanosecond
Transfer Time 4ms
Output: Pure Sine Wave
Overvoltage Shutoff: 144V ±8V
Undervoltage Shutoff: 90V ±6V
Transverse Noise Attenuation: 50dB (100kHz to 1MHz)
Single Pulse Energy Dissipations 1650 Joules
Dimensions: 4” H x 17” W x 15.75” D. (w/ feet). Rack mount kit included.
Weight: 56 lbs.
Outlets: 6 total (2 assigned critical load)
Safety Agency Listings: cUL