The MD 209 ... An Integrated Audio Receiver for the Evolution of the Home Audio System

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From their pedigree in pure analog circuitry, Magnum Dynalab iis proud to introduce their most uncompromising 2-channel Audio Receiver. Loaded with features, and stocked with Magnum Dynalab's unrelenting build quality and audio engineering, the new MD-209 is a future-ready anchor for your high-performance home audio system.

Review of the MD 209 - from Positive Feedback Online

Overall, the Magnum Dynalab 209 Hybrid Receiver is a new benchmark in its class. Those seeking exceptional versatility, natural expressive sound, and 125 watts of power should put the 209 on top of their list.

Victor Chavira, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 44
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  • INTRODUCING HYBRID-ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY. This unique and proprietary circuitry combines the musicality, soundstaging and audio realism of our 6922 CryoTubes with the crisp detail, harmonics and long-life of a solid state device.

  • FUNCTIONAL AND STATELY FACEPLATE. With a bright LED display, symmetrical knobs and meters, and a 3/8" thick faceplate, the MD-209 is as attractive as it is easy-to-operate.

  • INTEGRATE ANY DIGITAL SOURCE COMPONENT. The MD-209 is equipped with our most advanced Digital-to-Analog converter, featuring our full-time upconverting and oversampling Burr-Brown design, 3 digital inputs (including USB), and seamless operation through the remote or faceplate.

  • WORLD-LEADING FM SECTION. With 8 stages of RF filtration and our in-house designed and manufactured RF front-end, our FM tuner section will astonish you with the audio clarity and realism that is characteristic of every Magnum Dynalab tuner.

  • FLEXIBLE INPUTS/OUTPUTS. With 1 line-level pre-amp output, 2 Balanced (XLR) inputs and 3 single-ended analog inputs (including a Surround Sound Processor input for integration with multi-channel applications), PLUS 3 digital inputs (including USB), the MD-209 acts as the backbone for any home audio/video system.

  • AUDIO PROTECTION BOARD. The MD-209 comes equipped with a proprietary circuit to run regular diagnostics on the device, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the unit at all times and safeguarding against any unwanted current that may harm your speaker.

  • MAGNUM DYNALAB BUILD QUALITY. Solid footings, 24K gold plated .093" thick circuit boards, hefty internal heat-syncs and a burly chassis are all characteristics of our unrelenting commitment to quality.

The simple and efficient treatment of the analog signal throughout the MD-209 is, without a doubt, the hallmark of this marvelously musical device. Our Director of Design Zdenko Zivkovic has worked tirelessly to develop the Hybrid-Acoustic design platform, the backbone of this Hybrid Audio Receiver. This distinctive circuit path delivers the unique combination of long tube life (expected to be greater than 7 years under normal use), with high-current output in a design that generates of its gain from the triode stage. The result is reference-quality audio realism and soundstaging of a full triode design combined with the sharp detail and harmonics characterized by the very best solid state devices.

This unique combination of long tube-life and high current output is achieved NOT by the use of output transformers, which add weight, limit frequency response, and ultimately, harm the harmonics of the resultant signal. Rather, the MD-209 is equipped with an output stage that generates power through the use of 20 Sanken output transistors (10 per channel), which amplify current, NOT voltage, taking critical stress off the 6922 Cryovalve tubes, and eliminating the need for traditional output tubes that are typical of tube amplifiers. This allows the Cyrovalve tubes to operate efficiently, and when combined with a collection of world-leading components, including Mundorf Supreme capacitors in the tube gain stage, Kimber Hyper-Pure cables throughout the device and WBT binding posts and Cardas RCA connectors, it's no surprise that the ultimate result is a perfect reproduction of the original dynamic signal from the source component.

Not to be overlooked, we've also equipped the MD-209 with a 650VA power plant that is more than capable delivering current to all critical components. A shielded torroidal transformer and 8 Mundorf electrolytic capacitors delivering a total of 80,000uF of filtration ensures a flat DC supply of power.

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From a history of world-leading RF designs, we have put our best into the MD-209. An eight stage Varactor tuned front end ensures that this source is unequaled in its ability to receive and replicate a pure FM signal. With two stages of I.F. selection, you can opt for the setting that allows the most authentic, pure listening experience regardless of the reception environment and conditions. The automatic gain control feature insures that the tuner will optimize R.F. performance no matter the strength of the input signal.

As is that case with all Magnum Dynalab FM Tuners, we design and produce our own analog front ends. This integral core to any tuner is carefully built in-house to meet our rigid standards and specifications, and in addition, great care is taken in matching all critical components, especially the IF filters. This attention to detail for a circuit path that is often overlooked ensures that the FM section of our MD-209 is sure to be a hallmark source for your home audio system.

The highly competent analog design of the MD-209 necessitated a digital interface board that provided the same high level of performance. This unique circuit design uses two industry leading core components for the receiving and rendering of the digital signal, with the front end of the board driven by the CS8416 192kHz Digital Audio Receiver from CIRRUS Logic, capable of incredibly high performance standards.

Further, we have taken special care to feed the I2S signal through only state of the art components, first through the PCM 2707 DAC chip, then the OPA 827 OP AMP, recognized by many in the field as the best available. And when combined with the Texas Instruments PCM1792, 200kHz current output Delta-Sigma over-sampling DAC for audio rendering and the SRC 4192 full-time upconverting/upsampling DSP, the signal is ALWAYS operating at 24 bit/192kHz, ensuring a perfectly clocked, incredibly accurate output that is virtually jitter-free.

The sonic result of this elimination of jitter is immediately recognizable, transforming any digital signal into a focused, clear and accurate signal in the analog domain. This creates a product that is hugely scalable, allowing the MD-209 to be a true anchor in your home entertainment system.

MD 209 Specifications


125 watts in 8 ohms, 250 watts into 4 ohms

Audio Frequency Response (+/-0.1dB)

2Hz - 100KHz

Class of Operation

50 % of gain class A, 50 % of gain class AB

Harmonic Distortion

< 0.05 % (2hz-100KHz)

Gain Control

Burr Brown

Signal to Noise Ratio

> -115dB

Total Harmonic Distortion




Output devices

Sanken (bi-polar)

Input Sensitivity

1.2 volts at full power

Input Impedance


Output Impedance



5 Analog (2 balanced XLR, 3 single ended including Surround Sound Processor input)


1 line level pre-out, 3 digital (2 Coaxial, 1 USB)

Dimensions (W.D.H.)

19" x 19.5" X 6.5"


51 lbs

Fuse Replacement

120V, 6.3amp slow blow OR 240V, 4 amp slow blow

Tube Specifications

2 x 6922 Magnum Dynalab Cryovalve


2 years

RF Specifications

Usable sensitivity

(mono) 0.7 u V 9.0 dBf

50 dB quieting (mono)

2.0 u V 9.9 dBf

50 dB quieting (stereo)

2.3 u V 20.0 dBf

Capture ratio

1.5 dB

Image rejection

125.0 dB

Alternate channel (wide)

>46.0 dB

Alternate channel (narrow)

>80.0 dB

Adjacent channel (wide)

3.0 dB

Adjacent channel (narrow)

30.0 dB

THD (mono)


THD (stereo)


Stereo separation

50.0 dB

AM suppression

70.0 dB

SCA rejection

80.0 dB

IF Rejection

80.0 dB

19 KHz & 38 KHz component rejection

75.0 dB