Optimize Your FM Reception w/the Silver Ribbon

Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon
Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon

Product Description

A high-efficiency indoor antenna that is ...
  • Continuously tunable across the FM dial to maximize reception,
  • Rotatable for best station orientation.
  • Designed to complement just about any FM system arrangement.

The Silver Ribbon is both unique and attractive. The functional, bright-metal elements may be adjusted by simply pulling upward on the center adjustment knob. This provides a precisely-tuned element at the proper impedance for each receivable FM station on the band, thereby maximizing reception.

The Silver Ribbon is easily rotated in position to provide the best orientation for maximum signal pickup from the tuned FM station.

Indoor reception presents its own unique "multipath" problems due to metal used in building construction. Similarly, furniture and even people within the room can affect reception. The Silver Ribbon helps avoid that problem by allowing the user to "focus" the antenna on either the main or a strong, reflected signal.

Up to now, indoor reception has been left to the wonders of costly "box" and "wing" type antennas. Now there is an effective alternative--one that can provide maximum reception at a very reasonable cost.

If an indoor FM antenna is a must, so is the Silver Ribbon.