Magnum M1

Magnum M1
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Product Description

The Future of Audio Interfacing is Here -The Magnum System

The new High-End
Technological advances of recent years have increased the resolving potential of High-End audio systems by great lengths. Today's high-end systems are capable of remarkable music reproduction that, until recently, was reserved strictly for super high-dollar reference-level systems. Unfortunately, when a high resolution system is connected with conventional audio cables, a great deal of the performance is lost. Ordinary cables simply can't deliver the full performance potential your system is capable of. Ordinary cable becomes the "weak link" in the chain. The real performance is always there; it just gets lost in the wire. That's why you need "More than Just Cable."

Since 1984, MIT has been researching the distortions that occur (naturally) in cables, and how transported audio signals are affected by wire. Based on this research, MIT has developed many patented network technologies that help overcome the inefficiencies of just wire. By utilizing these technologies, MIT is able to create more efficient interfaces that preserve the integrity of the audio signal, providing superior performance.  MIT enables your system to perform at its full potential.
Redefining high-end speaker interfacing - with Oracle technology
The Magnum Series owes much of its performance and design to MIT's latest reference interfaces, the Oracle Series. The Magnum Series utilizes many Oracle network designs in a scaled-down enclosure that provides a new level of performance and convenience, redefining the concept of high-end speaker interfacing.
Like the Oracle series, the Magnum speaker interfaces feature updated network topology that consolidates all of the networks into one easy-to-position housing that rests directly behind the speaker. Connection from the housing to the speaker is achieved via detachable "tails" that provide a clean and simple installation that allows for future configuration changes. (Tails come in various lengths & terminations to accommodate any speaker design or connector system.)

The perfect interconnect for your system-choose the Magnum M1, 2 or 3

These interconnects feature new switchable impedance networks. The end-user can now tune the cable to maximize performance for each component's specific input impedance. Change between low (5-50k?), medium (40-100k?), or high (over 90k?) impedance with a simple flick of a switch.

What you can expect from Magnum Series Speaker Cables & Interconnects


Better Bass
Powerful, accurate bass has long been a defining characteristic of high fidelity sound reproduction. However, few audiophiles recognize the importance of the interface in achieving realistic bass. The MIT networks deliver tight, full bass response, with correct rhythm, weight, speed, and tonal accuracy. Magnums deliver bass that is rich and powerful, without the muddy and slow quality that is so often heard with ordinary cables.


Clearer Midrange
Midrange is the heart of superior sound quality. This is where loss of clarity and detail, as well as distortion, become most apparent. MIT networks preserve precise articulation across the entire audible range and create a noise-free, velvet-like background. Musical details emerge with astonishing contrast and clarity. As in the bass range, lifelike, accurately-sized images of instruments and voices are precisely located with respect to each other, all within a wide, tall, deep soundstage.


Smoother Highs
High fidelity reproduction is often marred by the harsh, strident treble overemphasis generated by ordinary cables. MIT's networks create accurate tonal balance across the spectrum, while eliminating the grainy quality that makes unnatural treble sounds unpleasant. MIT networks work together to preserve detail, sparkle, and air within a large, deep soundstage, creating palpable images of soloists. Thanks to MIT technologies, massed instruments and voices are correctly arrayed in size, as well as location.


Presence, Detail & Clarity
Superior resolution is the hallmark of MIT audio interfacing, providing a lifelike image that recreates all of the subtle nuance and detail of the recorded event without the image wandering, wavering, blooming or becoming unfocused, even under extreme power demands.


MIT Interfaces, your best choice for better, more natural and lifelike sound reproduction

Audiophiles tend to associate audible improvements with upgrading hardware, or specifically by upgrading the loudspeakers - until they replace their ordinary cables with MIT Interfaces. Hear for yourself sonic improvements that the MIT Magnum Series Interfaces make in your system. You will find it hard to believe that MIT cables are so important to the overall performance of your system.
Since 1984, MIT has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high performance Interfaces based on its patented network technologies. MIT Interfaces have proven again and again to be the key to unlocking superior sound quality, regardless of the brand or design of other audio system components. Once you've experienced the benefits of MIT network technologies, everything else is "just cable."