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The Music Hall MMF-CD25 CD player is a true high-end bargain.

It features an HDCD chip, a Philips CDM 12-10 transport controlled by a CD7 servo. The D/A converter is a Burr-Brown 1732 24-bit/96kHz chip. The output stage uses OPA 2134 op amps. An innovative power supply makes the MMF-CD25 a wonderful sounding CD player.

The CD25 has two digital outputs, one coaxial, one optical and an analog out. It outperforms many other CD players in its price class and quite a few above.

The build quality is superb sporting a thick brushed-aluminum front plate and a very solid chassis, which aids in vibration control. Made in China by a small family owned business, the MMF-CD25 proves that with attention to detail, good design and dedication, fine audio equipment can be made at a reasonable price.


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Music hall is proud to debut its first super audio compact disc player, the music hall maverick.
The maverick has been meticulously designed to play uncompromising 2-channel stereo from both super audio and traditional CDs.

Upsampling can be selected for standard CDs via the built-in Crystal CS8420 24bit/96kHz chip.
Weighing in at 22lbs (10Kg), sporting a thick aluminum faceplate, and standing atop vibration-canceling dimpled rubber feet, the maverick is a true contender.

Inside 2 transformers provide separate power to the analog and digital systems.
The drive mechanism is the Sony KHM 234AAA laser head and servo system.
The SACD decoder chip is the Sony CXD2752 and the standard DAC is a 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown PCM 1738.

SACD is the most exciting audio format since the LP. The maverick takes full advantage of the higher sampling rate and sounds truly stunning.
A full function remote handset is standard.