Nordost SPM Reference Interconnect

Nordost SPM Reference Interconnect 1M XLR
Nordost SPM Reference Interconnect 1M XLR

Product Description

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SPM Reference interconnects consist of 16 solid 99.999999% Oxygen free Copper with a high purity extruded silver surface. By using optimized diameter conductors, skin depths are minimised, all frequencies are travelling at over 1.20 nano seconds, which results in the elimination of phase distortions when the signal arrives at the loudspeakers. Each interconnect is hand built and is available with our superb quality Moonglo RCA connectors or as a balanced XLR cable with gold plated XLR connectors. All SPM Reference cables are presented in individual hand crafted velvet lined wooden gift boxes. Each cable carries a lifetime warranty.

insulation High purity class 1 extruded TeflonŽ
conductor x16 optimized diameter
material 75 microns extruded silver over 99.999999% OFC
capacitance 8.2pF/ft
inductance 0.14uH/ft
propagation delay 95% speed of light