ProAc enjoys an enviable position among audiophiles who want a speaker that sounds musical and yet highly accurate. Music lovers who discover ProAc find it hard to find another speaker that brings as much satisfaction.

Designed for music aficionados, these superlative speakers are most at home with audiophiles that understand that value is not best represented by flashy marketing and slick sales presentations. To hear them is to believe the legend.

True world-class speakers from the flagship series of the ProAc line. Pictured is the ProAc K-8.
The heart of ProAc's line-up the Response series expresses everything ProAc is renown for: performance, musicality, imminent listenability, ease of system matching.
ProAc's all-time fan favorite. ProAc performance in a compact package. Now featuring the new Tablette 10. Pictured is the Tablette 10 in cherry.
The new Centre Voice is just as good on music as it is on voice and music DVD's can be re-produced with stunning accuracy, with good bass weight for a small enclosure.