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Salamander Twin 30 Cherry/Aluminum Special
Salamander Twin 30 Cherry/Aluminum Special
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Salamander Twin 30 Cherry/Aluminum Special

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Salamander Synergy Twin 30 Special
Finish: Cherry with Aluminum
2 Doors: Cherry with Frosted Glass
1 Pr Side Panels: Cherry

This Twin 30 special package features a cherry wood base with aluminum hardware, 2 cherry doors with frosted glass and a pair of cherry side panels. The aluminum feet that are illustrated do not come with this package. However, we can add those feet or wheels to your order for an additional charge.

This package is available due to a previous order cancellation. The boxes are unopened and factory-sealed.

Please note that the shipping voucher available with other Salamander packages do not apply for this special package. However, we still have excellent shipping rates to keep your costs down.
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