Product Description

THE KING Class-A Hybrid Tube/MOSFET Headphone Amplifier The King Headphone Amplifier, created exclusively for Audeze by legendary circuit builder Bascom King, especially matched with our flagship LCD-4 headphone, produces a powerful, dynamic and panoramic sound with awesome power in the bass. Upon first listen many are shocked by the tremendous sense of space; enveloping you-are-there sound thatíll make you jump! The Kingís sound is so clean and engaging that youíll turn up the volume to enjoy the immense transparency and palpable imaging. The utter pleasure The King delivers is totally addicting.

Itís a two-stage hybrid design featuring a pair of twin-triode E88CCs input tubes, a differential P-MOSFET driver, and MOSFET output devices. The King uses NPN MOSFETs that allow perfect device matching that yields faster response times. The amplifier exhibits low impedance, low distortion, and wide frequency response along with its 6W of music power, characteristics that create a breathtakingly spacious and emotional listening experience.

The King is compatible with all other headphones.

ďIt's just you and the music with amazing detail, awesome dynamic range, and the best midrange I've ever heard.Ē - Dan Gheorghe, Headmania Itís good to be King!