Item# AUDLC4

Product Description

The LCD-4 represents 40 years of advancements in planar magnetic technology and Audeze's own research and development from 2009 onward when they debuted their first product.

Their new flagship headphone features game-changing technology, like its first-of-the-kind nano-scale diaphragm with Double Fluxor Magnet Arrays that nearly double the driving power. A powerful magnet complement is the secret ingredient that gives this latest and greatest Audeze headphone its game-changing performance. The newly-developed thinner diaphragm coupled with magnets so powerful erase your friends' credit cards from a mile away, or create a wormhole to shop at record stores on other planet, or make yourself invisible to zombies (just kidding).

The sound is breathtaking and many listeners are shocked by its extreme you-are-there spaciousness, powerful bass, rich midrange, and an open and extended top that renders music that permeates the soul.