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Product Description

The SIGNAL SLEUTH brings with it a whole new world of FM-stereo enjoyment. Whether it be Bach, rock, or current affairs, the SLEUTH will e x p a n d your world of FM-stereo entertainment, bringing you more FM stations, more clearly. Also, with the SIGNAL SLEUTH bringing you a cleaner, more substantial signal, you will experience more of the depth and realism that is being broadcast from stations with "fine arts" quality, program signals.

Put simply, the SIGNAL SLEUTH ...

  • amplifies weak FM signals cleanly
  • attenuates strong, harsh signals without coloration
  • stabilizes FM antenna (and FM cable) signals
  • separates interfering adjacent-station signals
  • reduces multipath problems

    Along with establishing a clearer, crisper sound, a most important attribute of the SLEUTH is its ability to establish and maintain a useable FM program signal level. In most cases, this will eliminate the annoying "flip-flop" stereo-to-mono-to-stereo switching usually experienced with many FM tuners having non-variable, automatic "blend" circuits.

    Probably the penultimate FM accessory (the ultimate would be our Etude FM Tuner), SLEUTH FM signal amplifiers have already awakened many FM enthusiasts to the brightness and depth available with a stronger FM signal. As a matter of fact, it prompted one customer to refer to his SLEUTH as ...

    "One FM accessory no true audiophile should be without!" Easy to install and even easier to use, the SLEUTH model 205 fits neatly into just about any component or integrated receiver system. As such, it brings all its fine attributes to your fingertips while maintaining a sleek but unobtrusive demeanor within the system.

    Along with adding phenomenal new power to home FM antennas, from single dipoles to multi-element, stacked arrays, the SIGNAL SLEUTH 205 features ...

  • signal amplification variable from -30dB thru +30dB (30 times to gain) to bring weak stations to full quieting * and tame strong, harsh, local signals

  • full tunability with a "hi Q," 600 KHz bandwidth. This adds some 70dB+ in Spurious Response selectivity

  • an electronic antenna switching system to bypass the SLEUTH's amplifier when not needed. Also with the SLEUTH's direct "in/out" Antenna Signal switching system, instant A/B comparison is always available

  • a low profile, rack-mount style cabinet in satin black * "Full quieting" is dependent on the tuner's requirement to establish a "50dB quieting level."

  • full 2 year limited warranty

    How well does the Power Sleuth perform?

    In an independent test, using a commercially available FM tuner, the following percentile improvements were obtained with the SLEUTH on line:

    Sensitivity (under 1dB limiting) -170% Spurious Response Rejection -90% Image Rejection -380% Ultimate Selectivity was rated at 70dB+ Also, the total harmonic distortion (THD) remained unchanged, indicating the Sleuth added no measurable distortion of its own.

    Once you've heard it, you will begin rediscovering stereo FM all over again!

    Technical Data:

  • Circuit 3 high quality rf stages
  • tuning varactor using gold-plated, long-life controls
  • gain variable -30dB thru +30dB (27dB typical)
  • tuning range continuously variable 87 thru 109 MHz
  • bandwidth 600 KHz (hi Q)
  • noise figure better than 4dB
  • antenna input/output 75 ohms
  • max. rf output prop. to input but not more than 1.0Vrms
  • power required 115vac @ 25 watts
  • Dimensions 19.0"W x 1.75"H x 5.5"D
  • Weight 8 lb (3.6 kg)