Item# PRORD2
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Product Description

The Response D2's are designed for the finest quality music and giving true monitor performance. The cabinet is made from a heavily damped, thin-wall rigid birch ply carcass, with a 1" thick back panel. The bass driver is new, using the same cone technology as the Response D15 but with a revised coil and magnet. The tweeter is the same 1" silk dome as used in other ProAc models and the drive units are seamlessly mated with an HQ network designed and built by ProAc.

Sound quality from the D2 is one of extreme transparency; a lush and potent bass response and a silky detailed high frequency. The D TWO also have a huge sound stage with pinpoint imagery. The speakers are designed to sit on high mass stands from 18" high depending on your seating position.

You'll find much care has gone into the engineering. The drivers, for example, are high-quality units designed for performance rather than keeping the marketing people happy, and those ordinary-looking cabinets, as well as coming in a choice of six real-wood veneers, are made of different types and thicknesses of wood. Few manufacturers go to such lengths.

So how do these ProAcs sound? In a word: wonderful. These speakers are all about balance. No part of the frequency range intrudes, and dynamics, timing and stereo imaging are spot-on. Whether you listen to Mahler or Mos Def, the D2's sound right at home, with just the right mix of refinement, drive and finesse to keep most people happy.